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No relationship leaves you neutral, it is either the person you dated adds value to your life or makes your life miserable.

The sad thing is that not all relationships last, some end in breakups. So when this happens, how do you handle it? I heard of the story of a young man who took his life just because his girlfriend broke up with him.

That was a sad ending.

You don’t have to end up bitter, instead, you can take the following steps:

Market your books

1. Create a distance: It is important that after experiencing a bad relationship, you should endeavour to create a gap between you and the person responsible for the heartbreak. This is good for your peace of mind and it will assist you in concentrating on yourself and what is important.

2. Consider getting a support system: Without being told, you need to have people around you so that you will be able to get your mind off the very terrible experience you faced in your failed relationship.

3. Understand your boundaries: It is expedient to state that in most cases, relationships turn bad due to a possible emotional manipulation of any of the partners by the other partner. It is therefore important to have a clearer understanding of when a relationship is getting toxic and draw a line by calling your partner’s attention when she steps out of that boundary.

4. Take good care of yourself: You should at all times ensure that you take good care of not only your mind but also your body. This will help to keep you healthy.

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