Moses is among one of the greatest men that ever lived in the Bible. With God’s help, he was able to free hundreds of thousands of Israelites from 400 years of slavery. This feat is particularly astounding when you consider that the Israelites were unarmed. It becomes even more impressive when you realize that they were fleeing from one of the most advanced civilizations at that time – Egypt.

Considering the calibre of man that Moses was, there are definitely a few things that we can pick up from his life. Today, we’ll be looking at what those lessons are:

1. Humility precedes greatness

In the book of Numbers 12:3, we are told, “Now the man Moses was very humble, more than all men who were on the face of the earth.” Without the sort of humility that Moses had, he definitely wouldn’t have been chosen by God to lead the people of Israel. This is true because the Bible establishes the fact that God does not take too kindly to arrogant people. The moral takeaway of this point is to be humble. You might not be leading upwards of 400,000 men across the desert; but in whatever capacity you serve, be humble. It goes a long way in helping you attain greatness.

2. Trust God

In his relationship with the Israelites, God never failed to keep His promise or to provide for them. When Pharaoh was giving the Israelites a hard time, God took care of the situation. When the Egyptians were right behind the Israelites, God took care of that too. When they had no food, He sent them manna. When they had no water, He sent it coming out of the rock. Our point? Trust God, always.

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3. Control your anger

At some point in the desert, the Israelites began to complain bitterly of thirst. They wanted something to drink, but there wasn’t really a source of water in sight. As such, God decided to provide some for them. He instructed Moses to speak to a rock that lay in the desert, and water would come out of it to quench the thirst of the Israelites.

However, Moses allowed the complaints of the Israelites to get to him. Instead of speaking to the rock, he chose to strike it with his staff. This angered God because it was a complete act of disobedience. As such, Moses was denied entry into the Promised Land.

The moral lesson here is that, regardless of what your goal is, you need to be able to control your anger at all times. It might be difficult, but if you don’t control what you do or say when you’re angry, that singular action could cost you a whole lot more than you’d like to lose.


From the life of Moses, there are several other things that we can learn. So much so that a detailed explanation would cost far too much time to review. However, take these few to heart. Even if you’re not a Christian, they’ll go a long way in helping you through life.