In Nigeria, as with many other nations of the world, a new political dispensation comes with its own set of possibilities and, maybe, disadvantages. In adversities it’s the ability to keep running, gaining momentum and attaining quantum speed that makes you stand out.

With the current waves of information hitting us, you have to be running at top speed to even manage to remain on the same spot. This throws a challenge to us all, with each new phase in life you cannot expect to deploy the same strategies to achieve spectacular results. To have the kind of results you desire, you must start by looking at all the forces that come together to drive you to that desired place of success. Consequently, you must carry out a thorough assessment as this will guide you towards making the very crucial decisions which you know you must make.

In a bid to remain relevant and competitive in today’s Nigeria, Sons of Issachar Concepts, in conjunction with TRW Consult, presents its first Life Enhancement Seminar for 2016 with the theme: “Positioning Yourself in the New Political Dispensation”.

With the year still in its infancy and a new political party blowing a wind of change across all sectors of the economy, it is crucial that we are vantagely positioned to identify the opportunities for growth that are inherent in the new political dispensation.

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