The truth is that you have probably heard the term “minimalist lifestyle” at some point in your life or the other. If you haven’t, let me shed some light on it for you. A minimalist lifestyle is a term used to refer to a lifestyle guided by the principle of constantly tidying up

It is driven by organization. Above all, a minimalist life only consists of things that are absolutely necessary. There is no junk, no garbage, and no “it may be useful later” when it is actually quite useless. A minimalist lifestyle encourages only necessities and nothing else.

Now, I can imagine that at some point in your life, you probably tried to live a minimalist lifestyle. You might not have known that that was what you were doing while you tried throwing out the things that did nothing for you. But, here’s a shocker, you were.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always so easy to just get up and throw stuff out. This is especially so when many things have sentimental value to you. As such, we’ll be sharing a few tips on tidying up with you and after this, decluttering shouldn’t be such a herculean task anymore.

  1. Make a proper list of the things you must keep

If you are going to be tidying up, the last thing you want to do is to throw away the things you’ll actually need. So, create a list of items that are useful to you. This would involve taking inventory of your property. When you’re done, look through the list as many times as possible and edit out things that you can do without. It is important not to fill up space with things that merely have sentimental value.

  1. Don’t make your house a store

One of the reasons you have this mess in the first place is that you initially tried making your home a store. After getting that new phone, you’d keep the phone case because you presume that it’ll come in handy at some point. The same goes for that wristwatch box. A reasonable take on this is to stop. As soon as you have the by-product of something that isn’t serving too much of a purpose, ditch it. 

  1. Determine whether it is useful or merely aesthetic

More often than not, many people cannot make the distinction between something that is useful or just there for fun. If you are truly tidying up, distinguish between the two attributes. Now, we’re not saying that you should take out that beautiful chandelier in your living room because a simple lightbulb can do the same thing. No, a chandelier is useful for adding class to your home. However, find those things that merely exist for the sake of existing and take them out.

  1. Don’t do too much at once

When trying to begin a minimalist lifestyle, many people try to implement the “all or nothing” mentality. It could be great if you’re already good at it. However, if you still have trouble taking out unnecessary items, it could be detrimental. So, try to start small. You can try clearing out your reading table. From there, you could move to one of your wardrobes. Takes things step by step until your home is clutter-free.


It isn’t particularly easy to throw things away, especially when you spent your hard-earned money trying to get it. However, refusal to do so will make your home one big junk house. Keep in mind that there is no secret formula to decluttering. However, by following these tips, you’d be heading in the right direction.