While physical exercise is already pretty common in this part of the world, the combination of meditation and exercise hasn’t quite caught on yet. 

To start with the basics, we’ll tell you that meditation is an ancient act that originated several years ago. It involves focusing on one object, motion, or thing. The purpose is to achieve a heightened state of calmness, better control over your emotions and improved concentration, among others.

Sadly, many people still do not understand how they can include meditation in their daily lives. And that, my good friend, is the motivation behind today’s article.

How do you combine meditation and exercise?

Some people might consider the process overly tedious because of the amount of work required to tame your mind. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that difficult. With these five tips, you can easily combine meditation and exercise to reap its benefits:

  1. Figure out why you’re doing it

This works in the same way as exercise. You’ll want to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. Do you want to learn how to control your emotions better? Are you trying to channel your mental energy a bit more productively? Perhaps you want to be able to focus on things a little longer so as to improve your attention span. Find out why you’re trying to combine meditation and exercise. Doing so will help you measure your success when you eventually start.

  1. Unplug yourself 

It is a common habit to listen to music while exercising. Some might even argue that music can be the thing you choose to focus on as a form of meditation. However, it’s still a good idea to unplug yourself when working out. Most kinds of workout music are dramatic by nature, and they move from highs to lows rapidly, making it rather difficult to concentrate. So, if you must combine meditation and exercise, remove music from the equation and fill your ears only with the sound of nature.

  1. Pick a point of focus

Since meditation is entirely about focusing on something, you cannot skip this part. Choose something in your exercise that you can focus on. If you’re running, you could focus solely on each breath you draw and expel. If you’re swimming, you could set your mental lens on the feeling of the water passing over your skin every time you move. If you’re riding, you can focus on each rotation of your bicycle’s wheels. The options are endless. However, for it to work, you have to keep your mind truly focused on that singular thing you’ve chosen.

  1. Alternate

As easy as it is to say that you should focus on one thing, it can get mind-numbingly tiring sometimes. To prevent the boredom that could come with focusing on something, try to alternate between different things. When your mind begins to wander off on its own, that’s a good sign to switch to something else.

In Conclusion

Your mind is a machine capable of doing great things. Without training, you’d constantly be underutilizing it. However, by combining meditation and exercise in your regular life, you’ll be on your way to making the most of your beautiful mind.

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