The hair for both male and female forms an integral part of beauty. Yes, it is a general knowledge that women’s hair is their beauty and for that reason, it must be covered, as supported by the Christian and Moslem faith. But some have reservations for not complying, which is not the essence of this write-up.

Taking good care of one’s hair is a must and should be done with all sense of responsibility. The first impression people have about an individual is in the mode or manner of dressing, a part of that of course, the hair comes into mention.

In whatever appearance, style or fashion, it is essential we show that we care for our hair. And to be able to do that well, let’s consider the following:

  1. Always bathe your hair: This is very necessary, whether as a male or female. For the male, it is important to wash the hair, comb and if there is need to style, then it is all for beauty sake.


For the women, they do not always wash their hair, owing to the fact that they keep styled or weaved hair, except before the hair is styled.


  1. Brush regularly: For the women folk, it is advisable to comb with long-toothed combs so as to prevent hair loss due to frictional force of combing. Bushy hair could very difficult to deal with. Grooming bushy hair also requires a lot of care and attention because it could also attract dandruffs- a common sight in hair- as a result of its bushy nature, which does not allow enough clean-up after bath, hence remnant of soap lather can be trapped underneath.
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  1. Apply lotion: This makes the hair lubricated and shiny. Besides, the lotion can easily settle on the scalp and trap dirt, it makes the removal of such dirt easy. This is because the dirt does not have permanent contact with the scalp.



  1. Cover the hair: If need be, cover the hair. This is peculiar to everyone who carries much hair. It keeps smokes, dust, fumes, etc away from having contact with the hair, as well as keep certain level of humidity in it. In its covered state, the hair does not become dry and hard.


  1. Seek advice from expert: This is in order to always keep in touch with the basics or most conventional hair care practice.


  1. Barb or Groom the Hair: For the male, barbing is a common practice and this should be done with particular attention to what fits an individual. Different hair styles are considered depending on the whether the head is oblong, round or oval face etc.


Traditionally, ladies groom their hair in a number of trendy styles but few prefer to have a shave, a practice which is common with the urban fashion-freaks or trendy ladies.


Whichever way, it is an acceptable fact that hair care plays a prominent part in good looks and a form of display of certain fashion sense. Don’t be left out; play the game according to the rules, regardless of which side of the divide you belong.


See you later.