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Tips for Radiant Living

“Life can sometimes be tiring.”

Do you agree? I’m sure you quite agree with the statement. Coping with the increasing complexities of the world can be overwhelming, sometimes. We all know that life is not one smooth sail, not even for the rich. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the city, a suburban town, a rural village, or an urban centre, certain things weigh us down. Be you in the tropical or temperate regions, starving or enjoying in the deep pool of wealth, at a certain point in time, you may feel like you’ve lost that connection.

In this article, I bring to the fore some tips for ensuring that your life becomes more interesting. These are the tips for leading a radiant life.


  1. Eating Good Food

The role of good and healthy food for radiant living cannot be overemphasized. Carefully selecting what you take into your body is necessary because not all foods are healthy for the body. Fresh food filled with fruits and vegetables are healthier than canned and fast foods. In fact, some researchers agree that a vegetarian diet helps to improve longevity.


  1. Exercise Regularly

When we talk about exercising, most people tend to think of growing biceps and becoming more muscular. This is, however, not necessarily the case. Whether you are slim, fat, short or tall, regular exercising, even if it’s just for a few minutes, is good for maintaining a healthy body. It helps the muscles to stretch, it makes the heart pump more blood, and it helps to reinvigorate our body. Regular exercises help us to maintain good health; this differs from intensive  cardiovascular exercises to build  body, keep shape or burn fats and calories.

  1. Reading
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Reading helps to sharpen our mental capacity. Reading also sharpens our cognitive reasoning, enriches our perspectives when making a decision, and influences our behaviours. However, you need to be very careful of the kind of books you read because, just as books can enrich the mind, they can also corrupt. So, find the right book, read them, and enrich your mind, and ultimately, your being.

However, it should not just stop at reading. Practical application of the knowledge we get from reading is necessary. That’s the purpose of reading, after all.



  1. Personal Reflection

Even if we have busy and tight schedules, we still need to take out time to reflect on our personal life. Reflections are a kind of review of our life.  It helps us to see our faults, mistakes, and errors. The time we spend on reflection helps us to fish out certain things about us; it helps us to discover certain hidden talents, unknown potentials and hidden abilities. Observation, perusal, and careful reflection are good tools for self-discovery.


  1. Listen to Good Music

Just the same way good books can help enliven us, listening to good music is a very effective way of making us more alive. Music can uplift, and can help soothe us when we are sad, or angry or in an erratic mood. It makes us happy, as well as energizes our inner being.  Classical music, gospels, rock or any other genre which makes you feel good, is a sure reliever.


  1. The Power of Spoken Words.
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The power of the spoken word is unprecedented.  The road to achieving your dream, goals or aspirations, is not a smooth ride, so the need to keep repeating positive words is indispensable. Positive affirmations keep us focused, happy and strong. They help direct our mind towards the set objective or proposed attainment. Negative words do otherwise.



  1. Work on Building your Character

However, no matter what joy you get from the aforementioned tips, if you don’t build your character, failure might be looming. In fact, success might take you to the top, but it is your character that will sustain or keep you there. So, build your character.

Character is essential to living a meaningful life. It can even make or mar one’s destiny.

Perhaps, American author Robin Sharma puts it better when he said, “You sow a thought, you reap an action. Reap an action, you sow a habit. Sow a habit, you reap a character. Sow a character, you reap your destiny.”



  1. Live a Simple Life

Above all, live a simple life. Too much materialistic zeal may deprive you of the essence and happiness you can enjoy while you still exist on the surface of the earth. Simplicity makes our life much more enjoyable. Cut on addictions, they make life complicated for you. Strive to life a simple life, as this is a key to living  a much more radiant life than you can think of.

By Solomon Oladipupo

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