There is a difference between being a social drinker and having an alcohol addiction. While quitting is relatively easy for the former, the latter requires special attention and treatment. So, it is pertinent you are honest with yourself about your drinking habit. Are you a social drinker who can have alcohol once in a while or addicted to the point where you crave it and have withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink? If your case is the latter, here are some tips on how to overcome alcohol addiction:

  1. Do not Quit Abruptly: Social Drinkers can quite abruptly, but not addicts. An addict that tries to quit abruptly is like a driver who steps on his break abruptly while in full speed. It is always better to step on it gently till the car comes to a halt. So, if you feel cravings and withdrawal symptoms, it is a bad idea to stop abruptly.
  2. Slow Down: As stated above, for those that are dependent on alcohol, it is better to taper your intake or reduce your intake gradually. However, note that dependence is not the same as being addicted. While it is easier for alcohol-dependent to quit by tapering, it is a lot more difficult for addicts, though possible.
  3. Get an Accountability Partner: If you have a friend or family member who becomes your accountability partner, encouraging you to stay sober and helping you find other means of having fun, it makes the process easier.
  4. Self-Help Literature: Articles like this and books can boost your confidence, and motivate you to stay sober. They can help you with tips and strategies on how you can overcome alcohol addiction.
  5. Support Groups: It is okay to have one accountability partner but even better to have a support group of addicts and former addicts. The former addicts can help show you the ropes on how you can overcome addiction. Their stories can also inspire you and help you fight your addiction.
  6. Counselling: Sometimes, you need an alcohol counsellor who can help with personalized strategies on how you can help beat the addiction.
  7. Rehab: If all else fails, then rehab is the way to go. The formal treatment for Alcohol Addiction involves detoxifying in a safe environment and a thorough therapy on how you can stay away from alcohol.
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Samuel Ejedegba