We all wish we could concentrate on our work and get it over with in time so we can catch up on other important business. But sometimes, our beeping phones and chatty colleagues won’t let that happen. Here are ways we can reduce distractions not just in the workplace but outside it as well.

Start Ready

Before you get to work, make sure you have everything at hand. Snacks, pen, drinks, notepad or whatever you might need so you don’t have to start worrying about anything once you begin.

Make a “Not-to-do” List

The normal thing is to make a “To Do’ list but we keep ignoring the fact that some things not in that list have a great effect on you. Make a list of things not to do so you can be constantly reminded of staying away from them.

Learn to say “No”

Remember activities are not the only things that demand attention, people do to. The moment you might want to read is when your friends might want you to hang out with them or when your siblings might bring this juicy gossip, learn to say no and focus on your job.

Use the power button.

Televisions, cell phones, social media, emails, all of these might have to be turned off. If this is done for two hours, check back and see how much work you have done and achieved. You will be amazed.

Motivate Yourself with a Reward

Distractions stop us from doing our work because we like them. If we decide instead to make them our motivation, we will do a lot more. For instance, you can decide to reward yourself with a movie after a hard day’s job.

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Remind Yourself to be Focused

Sometimes, our mind can wander from our work and before we realize it, we have spent half the time thinking of something totally irrelevant to our work. This may be a habit for some, and might be difficult to break. We have to keep reminding ourselves mentally that we need to stay focused at different times in our work. Continue this way until you get used to controlling your wandering mind.

Master your Style

We all have different styles that keep us focused. While music might distract some people, it might motivate and make others focused. We need to realize what works for us and Master it.

Ejedegba Samuel