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Toilet etiquette is all about cleanliness and hygiene. Toilet can be a germ-ridden place and if we don’t take enough care to adopt hygienic practices we can contribute to the spread of many types of disease.

We are all put off by messy, smelly toilets. Public ones are the main offenders. So, if you mess up the restroom, respectfully clean it.

Nobody likes to clean up someone else’s mess and so it makes sense for everyone to clean up after themselves throughout the day to maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

Some people who are the first to turn up their noses in dirty, smelly toilets are themselves to blame for breaches of good toilet etiquette. Ignorance is not an excuse for keeping a dirty restroom. Indifference should not be excused because it could cost you your health and the health of other people.

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Here are some guidelines to maintaining toilet hygiene otherwise called toilet etiquette which will keep us far from illnesses.

1. Clean up your own mess. Always respect the rights of others to privacy and cleanliness

2. Always lock the door when you enter so you don’t embarrass yourself and others.

3. Men should always stand close enough to the toilet pan or urinal so the urine does not dribble on the floor. Always concentrate when you pee so you don’t wet the toilet seat, walls or floor.

4. For ladies, it is compulsory you sit, and if it’s a public toilet, endeavour to clean it with wipes or tissue first before sitting.

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5. Avoid messing the toilet seat. If you do, respectfully clean up after toilet use. The toilet brush is always positioned close to the toilet bowl. Use it if necessary.

6. Always remember to flush the toilet after use and don’t forget to check to ensure no one is punished with the sight of your waste.

7. Sanitary towels should not be flushed down the toilet else it would get clogged. Rather, it should be neatly wrapped and disposed of in the sanitary disposal unit.

8. Always wash your hands thoroughly after toilet use. It wards off unnecessary germs and keeps sickness away. Dry your hands after washing them. If you are in someone’s home, reach for a hand towel. In a public restroom, you should have access to either paper towels or air dryers.

9. Do not litter the rest room. It’s not a playground.

10. Knock first if the toilet or bathroom appears to be occupied.

11. Avoid chatting in the restroom. Don’t confuse the restroom with a conference room. It’s not the place to chat about business or hold long personal discussions. Remember that there may be other people in there, and they shouldn’t be forced to listen to something they don’t need to know.

12. Be considerate of other people. When you go into a restroom, don’t crowd other people. Be respectful of the personal space of others and prevent someone else from being uncomfortable.

13. Ignore your mobile phone. Don’t chat on your mobile phone while using the restroom. The person in the next stall over doesn’t need to know all your business. And you certainly don’t want the person on the other end of the line to have to listen to the loud flush. That’s just rude.

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14. Always keep a spare roll of toilet paper in the toilet.

15. Do not take reading material into the toilet, it is not a library.

16. Do not pee in the shower.

17. Don’t overstay before the mirror especially if someone is waiting to wash her hands or use the mirror after you. Don’t dilly-dally. Do what you have to do quickly and create room for other people.

18. If there is a restroom attendant, thank him or her and possibly leave a tip to appreciate his/her effort.

19. If you notice a clog or a dysfunction, you would show a good sign of a sense of responsibility by reporting it to appropriate quarters.

With the guidelines above, you are on your way to maintaining good toilet hygiene.