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Hi, guys. I’ve got a confession to make. I haven’t eaten sharwama before!

Musa: What!

Nonso: Guy, leave that thing!

Jide: You sure say you dey this generation so?

Market your books

All right, that was just a big joke. But really, I don’t eat sharwama that much. In fact, I only take snacks once in a while. And that’s because I prefer going for a full, healthy meal.

So today, in this article, our discussion will be premised on the reasons you should drastically reduce your intake of fast foods.

First, let’s get it clear, what really are fast foods?

The International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research (IJST) says:

Fast food or junk foods are meals which contain a lot of fat and sugars, oils, salt, high-calories, but have low nutritional value and quality. Examples of this type of food are chicken nuggets, burgers and fried potato cutter, canned chips, pies, pizza and soft drinks.’’

Now, a lot of us are really into the habit of eating junk food, and most times, that’s at the expense of taking healthy meals. Most people tend to replace them with normal meals, for a number of reason, including:

  • Time constraint
  • Laziness
  • Cheap price
  • It’s easy to get
  • (Nothing!—you’re just too busy to go buy a balanced meal)

Research has shown that fast foods are not healthy for the body, especially when consumed regularly. A lot of bodily effects and malfunctions have been traced to too much in-take of junks.

Let’s take a look at some of them:


We all want to add ‘flesh’ and look healthy, but definitely not obese. Although there are lots of reasons for obesity, regular intake of junk food has been identified as a  great contributor, especially among kids and teens.

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Obesity occurs because fast foods contain excess sugar and carbohydrates that give the body way over its daily needs of calories—guess what follows? Excess calories are accumulated in the body, leading to obesity!

Besides calories, fast food are also high in sodium (salt). says, ‘diets high in sodium can lead to water retention, which is why you may feel puffy, bloated, or swollen after eating fast food.’’

In fact, IJST adds that:

…not only [does] fast food causes obesity but also many other diseases because each fast food meal has not only a high amount of calories, but also a high percentage of saturated fats. As a result, it causes high blood cholesterol that causes atherosclerosis, coronary heart and stroke.

Even if we overlook the medical jargons, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to grow outta shape (Or aren’t you looking for the perfect shape anymore?)


As earlier mentioned, junk foods  have a high volume of sugar and carbohydrates that can cause diabetes. And when a person becomes diabetic, he’ll be asked not to take sugar (so why not reduce the intake now?!)

Food poisoning

Another reason not to take fast food is the issue of hygiene. How hygienic are the places you get your fast foods from?. Poor storage and cooling, says IJST, can lead to food poisoning—a term referring to the contamination of food stuff, thereby making unfit for consumption.

High Blood Pressure

I’m still a young guy nah, why should I be battling with high BP at my age?

Are you thinking in this light too? Then you should reduce your intake of fast food.  Okay, excessive sodium (salt) causes the blood to hold more water, thereby leading to a high blood pressure, and sometimes, kidney diseases.

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So, as from today, please, watch your intake of JUNKS!

Remember: Fast food are not bad in themselves, but as the cliché goes; ‘Too much of ‘anything’ is bad’.


Solomon Ola