Any driver will tell you how tempting it is to ride on a high speed, especially if the roads are free. The temptation can be likened to exposing a chocolate lover to a box of chocolate. It’s more tempting when the driver knows he is handling a sound car. But beyond the nice feeling of going at top speed, there is danger looming for both the driver and the automobile.

Most people can go at high speed, but not everyone can manage their speed level. Automobiles, like every other machines, respond to usage. The level of wear and tear depends on how often they are stretched.

It’s so surprising that most drivers want to practice what they see in movies. They watch vehicles move at high speed not knowing it’s far from reality. I remember going to watch the recent “Fast and Furious” movie at the cinema. On my way home, I wanted to practise what I saw in the movie. It was so tempting because the road was free. But I quickly remembered that even one of the star actors of the movie, Paul Walker, died in fatal car crash. It made me stop the move.

A thorough investigation into the crash of Paul Walker revealed that the crash was caused by high speed. The actor rode with his friend, Roger Rodas, in his 2005 Porsche Carrera GT when it collided into trees and a pole. Further investigation revealed that they were moving at an unsafe speed for the roadway conditions.

This is why it is important to manage your speed and stay within approved speed limits. Apart from the danger, it poses to one’s life, here are other reasons to make you manage your automobile speed:

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1. Reduces steering control: When you ride at high speed, vehicle responds more quickly to steering and more slowly to brakes. An inexperienced driver may make abrupt changes which can make the car go out of control. While moving at a high speed, an inaccurate tilt of the steering in the wrong direction may lead to a crash. It takes time to handle vehicles at high speed.

2. It sends a wrong signal: When moving at a very high speed, there are two non-verbal messages you are passing across to other drivers. It is either you are being chased or you are trying to wreak havoc on the highway. In most cases you attract an unusual attention that might lead to a security check.

3. Dangerous to your health: Most drivers don’t know that high speed is dangerous to their health. Leon James, a professor of psychology at the University of Hawaii and the coauthor of the publication titled “Road Rage and Aggressive Driving: Steering Clear of Highway Warfare”, and his team says that people are not aware of the negative emotions that surge through them while driving. “Driving,” he points out, “is an activity in which you are surrounded by hundreds of people having negative emotions, and the whole system is based on whether it’s cooperative or antagonistic.”

4. Stretches the car: Just the way humans feel used after a strenuous work, the same applies to cars. The level of friction increases as the speed increases. That causes wear and tear. Such cars will need maintenance regularly, requiring the car owner to change parts frequently as soon as they breakdown.

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5. Increases accident risk: Riding on a higher speed increases the likelihood of an accident. Studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between accidents and speed but accident varies with initial speed level and road type. Most road accidents have been linked to uncontrolled speed.

Moving at a high speed with your automobile is tempting, but the pain that comes with crash is far more, compared to the fun. Just as Mahatma Gandhi said “There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.”