Casual appearance is common in everyday dressing. Some corporate organisations even encourage what is referred to as corporate casual dressing.

For organisations where corporate casual is encouraged, it is advisable that the employees working in such organisations abide by rules that make them look corporate even in casual outfits.

There are simple rules that govern wearing casual outfits. Going against these rules will make you appear shabby and awkward in your casuals. Adhering to them will give you a smart appearance.

Rule 1: Combine Contrasting Colours

Contrasting colours is what you need to make you appear smart in your casual outfit. Contrasting colours like a dark blue shirt on carton brown chinos; white, striped and brown shirts on jeans and so on are perfect matches. Contrasting colours make you appear smart. While selecting the contrasting colours, consider the colour of your skin. If you are dark in complexion, you will look sharp on bright-colour shirts. If otherwise, dull colours are your fit.

Rule 2: Roll Up Your Sleeves

Casual looks sometimes require you to roll up your sleeves. This does not apply to those who are expected to appear in corporate casual. You are not allowed to roll up your sleeves when you are dressed in corporate casual. Ensure you dress properly. Everyday casual does not pay attention to that rule. Although you can choose not to roll up your sleeves, you may appear more serious than you should.

Rule 3: Make it Simple

A casual outfit is best when it is simple. It is better to be restricted to just a shirt and a pair of trousers. The word “casual” means appropriate for ordinary or routine occasions. This is the reason laying on a complex dress pattern might not support the idea of being casual.

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Rule 4: Let Your Wrist Watch Be a Pointer

When donning a casual outfit, don’t wear just any wrist watch. To make the outfit catchy and smart, wear the right wrist watch. I usually advise a good leather or chain wrist watch.

Rule 5: Wear Your Shirts on Jeans or Chinos

 For men, it is easy to define apparels that promote casual outlook. A pair of jeans or chinos is a perfect combination for shirts.

Follow these rules and you will be on top of your dressing.