Just like every other machine, you can understand your automobile beyond its features. Have you ever wondered why during the era when horses were used as a form of transportation and for war, each rider preferred a particular horse? In fact, riders used their preferred horse most of the time. The rider must have gone beyond just riding on the horse to understand the signs and movement of the horse which always puts him at an advantage. The same goes for automobile; you can understand it, if you make a deliberate effort to understand it beyond its features.

When a rider rides on a horse, he doesn’t need the horse to stop most of the time before he knows the horse needs water. There is always a sign which tells him that the horse needs water. Meanwhile, someone who doesn’t understand his horse might not recognise that the horse needs water. So, he might ride the horse to a point where the horse will now refuse to move. For automobiles, when they get to such point they break down. This is what most automobile users want to avoid.

Now, the question is how do you understand your automobile, so that you don’t ride on it to a breakdown point? Here are simple tips to help you.

1. Learn to follow the signs on the dashboard

Many car owners treat the signs on the dashboard as if they were just meant to complete or complement the design of the car. Every sign on the dashboard is an indicator to the driver to note how the car is faring at every point of its movement. While driving, it is important that the driver looks at the dashboard to check its speed and temperature, and other features that give information about the car at every point of its movement. For drivers that don’t constantly look at their dashboard, they most times experience a sudden stop on the road. Sometimes the car might have shown distress sign. It is advisable that you fix them at once before embarking on any journey.

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2. Get acquainted with your car sound

Every car has a unique sound. Although the sounds of cars seem alike, they are indeed not alike. If you listen to them carefully, you will notice the uniqueness of the sound of each car tied to a particular brand. Once you are able to recognise the sound of your car in a healthy state, when it sounds otherwise you will know. Just like an injured horse usually requires a quick stop to certify the condition if it can continue the journey, the same goes for a car. When you observe the car sounds otherwise, it is advisable that you stop and run a quick check to confirm if everything is in order. It might be that a wire has unplugged itself and requires to be fixed back at once so that it does cause further damage to the car.

3. Do a thorough check

You are expected to do a thorough check on your automobile every morning. This check is to look out for the water level that cools the carburettor, check the brake fluid level and the level of the engine oil. This check is very important because these things need to be at the appropriate/required level for the car to perform optimally.

No matter how simple these tips might be, they go a long way to help you keep your car in good condition such that you can expect quality delivery from it. We should learn to understand our automobile. Mitch Hedberg said “I know a lot about cars, man. I can look at any car’s headlights and tell you exactly which way it’s coming.” Do you understand your car this much?