Uwaoma Eizu is an inspiring young man who has carved a niche for himself in the world of business management and human capital development. He spoke with Valour Digest on his journey as an entrepreneur, the values he holds dear and other issues.


Tell us a little about yourself, starting from background to present

Well, I am Uwaoma Eizu, an entrepreneur in his late 20s. I sit as the founder and CEO of Hexavia, a company that offers professional services in enterprise and corporate planning, strategy, branding, training, project management and business plan development. We help grow business and professional minds as well as small and medium scale businesses. I have a rich track record, a couple of international certifications, awards and degrees after my first degree in mathematics.

I am an expert in enterprise development with a career in brand, business, management and human capital development. I have interacted with over 5000 top level professionals in the last few years and featured on a series of enterprise and project development trainings. I have also been hosted on several national media platforms as a guest and as a consultant.

What was growing up like? What fond memories do you hold dear?

Well, sincerely, it was tough but fun. I didn’t realise how tough it was because of the love from family. And that’s something I hold dear.

The Hexavia Group  – who are they? What informed the establishment of the group?

Well, Hexavia is a team.  It’s a company too, and we are into enterprise and management consulting. I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur. The Hexavian Dream has been with me since my days as an undergraduate. It was born out of a pursuit for my purpose here on earth which is to add “outnovative” value to people and to effortlessly influence others to succeed better through business, projects, enterprise and management designs and advisory.

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But in my early days and the making of the dream, I was attracted to poetry and hip-hop, I did graphics and I helped set up a few cliques in school. But then, I watched Hexavian metamorphose into phases and then a brand, I still see a part of that art, especially in its creativity and flexible structures. It’s safe to say that the Hexavian dream evolved as I did, say from music to writing to teachings and then brand, business and then enterprise development, all within the same baseline, value-driven creativity mixed with strategy and seamless execution.

What do you consider the secret behind your success in career/business? What ethical values do you hold dear both in business and as a family man?

In four words: Focus, trust, hard work and grace

What books have you read that shaped your thinking and changed your outlook on life?

John Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Leadership, Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power, Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers and the Tipping Point

As an accomplished man in career/business, what advice will you give to struggling men?

Stay focused, hungry and eager to add value and grow.

You just lost a close friend and partner, Chaz B. What was your relationship with him like and what has been his strongest influence on you? What will you always remember him for?

Chaz B was a big brother, a father and a business partner. I still find myself in shock in between moments every time it hits me that he is gone. We were pretty close. He let us consult and become a part of the building of his brand and business, and we delivered and in turn, he did much more, even for us.

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Chaz B was always there for me and my team. He was a father figure to us all. He always showed up. For example, on my last birthday before his death, April 18, he came, he even danced with us. Not a lot of people got a chance to see that part of Chaz B. He was happy, yet deep and truly pure. First of all, I remember that day, I didn’t tell Chaz B because it was play with my mates in Hexavia and nothing official. But a few minutes after he heard of it that evening, he drove from Lekki to Ikoyi and he showed up to pray and celebrate with me.

That was the kind of man he was to me and to us all at Hexavia, a big brother, father and friend (sobs). But I’ll try to hold back my tears. It’s what he would have wanted us to. He touched millions of lives, and that is something that inspires me every day to do much more.

With the benefit of hindsight, what would you have done better if you were to start your life all over again?

I’ll be a much better me.

If you could change one thing about this nation, what will it be?

I would change the mindset. People don’t really understand service and value here.

How do you relax after a hard day’s work?

Alone, with a good friend or a drink, or with my pen and a pad.

What is your favourite holiday spot?