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Weak Men & Strong Men: 13 Opposing Traits that Split Them Apart

Our society isn’t kind to weak men. That is because most people respect “strong men.” But how do you really know the difference? Here’s how.

Growing up, both males and females get messages about what kind of behavior is acceptable for their gender. For example, women are expected to be nurturing, friendly, beautiful, skinny, and kind, just to name a few. Men are supposed to be strong, unemotional, successful, athletic, and competitive.

Granted, these are just a few of the adjectives that are used when describing the ideal man or woman. But have you ever thought about how these expectations can be damaging to someone? I mean, the pressure to be skinny and beautiful might be one of the main causes of why girls get anorexia.

While our society seems to be harsher with their gender expectations of women, men don’t get off Scott-free either. There are many things that men have to live up to, whether they want to or not. And if they fail to do so, then they can face the negative consequences.

How our society defines weak men and strong men isn’t always fair. So, instead of going by traditional viewpoints of them, l want to take a different perspective and talk about the differences between these two kinds of men.

Characteristics of weak men

Many times, we think of weak men as the kind who cry and are too emotional. I mean, after all, most people think that’s a sign of weakness – showing emotion. But is it really? I would argue that it’s not. So, let’s take a look at some of what I think are the characteristics of weak men and see.

  1. A man who lays around on the couch all day and doesn’t lift a finger to help his wife, girlfriend, or even his roommate around the house is a weak man.
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Or if he doesn’t give his all at work and just does below the bare minimum, that is lazy. And more importantly, it’s the one of the big signs of weak men. 

  1. Maybe he never thinks about his partner’s pleasure in bed and it’s “wham bam, thank you ma’am.” Or he never thinks about other people’s needs but his own. That is not something that a strong man does, but rather a weak one.


  1. Passive-aggressive. It’s not uncommon for weak men to be passive-aggressive to get their way. Let’s say his wife or girlfriend wants him to mow the grass and asks him to do so. He might agree to it, leading her to believe that he will follow through, but he doesn’t. That’s something that weak men do.


  1. Bad listeners. If his woman had a bad day, or just simply wants to vent or have a good conversation, weak mean don’t really listen.

They might pretend to, but they’re really tuned out. Maybe they won’t even try to appear like they are listening, and instead just stare at the game on TV.

  1. Now, as I said earlier, many people would think that weak men are emotional, not unemotional. So why do I think that someone who is weak doesn’t show emotions? Because all people have emotions – it’s human nature. But only the weak ones suppress them out of fear.


  1. Doesn’t protect their woman. Maybe they are out at a bar, and some other guy is disrespectful to his woman. All weak men would either ignore it or maybe even jump in on the so-called “fun.” A strong man protects her at all costs.
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  1. Doesn’t take charge. Weak men don’t make plans. Heck, they don’t even call for a pizza. They make other people do the work for them. They don’t act like a leader, and instead, act like a child who needs to be taken care of.


  1. Blames other people. Most weak men blame other people because they never take responsibility for their own behavior. It’s always someone else’s fault. They refuse to take a look at themselves and how they can become a better person, which is why they always point the finger at someone else.


Characteristics of strong men

On the other side of the coin, you have the strong men. They are the ones that men should strive to be like, and the ones who women should be in relationships with. So, let’s take a look at how strong men differ from weak men.

  1. A leader with a get-it-done attitude. Strong men don’t just sit back and let problems accumulate. They see what needs to be solved, they come up with a solution, and then they take action. They act like a leader


  1. Caring and empathetic. Unlike weak men who suppress their emotions, strong men know that it takes a real man to be caring and empathetic to other people. They are kind and loving and aren’t afraid to show their emotions.


  1. Good communicator. Because they plug into people and care about their relationships, they know how to communicate with people. They know that without talking to one another, people cannot get along well


  1. Are self-reflective. Strong men take time to examine themselves. They are aware of the actions and behaviors they have. And not only are they aware of them, they know why they do what they do. They are purposeful and deliberate. They know their strengths and weaknesses. They always strive to improve themselves and be a better man. It’s a priority for them.
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  1. Takes personal responsibility. Because strong men are self-reflective, the next obvious step for them is to take personal responsibility. They know that it takes two to tango.

No one exists in a vacuum, so they know that their behavior affects other people and has a ripple effect in the lives of others. So, strong men make sure that they own their thoughts and behaviors. They don’t blame people like weak men do.

So, there you have it – the differences between weak men and strong men. So, gentlemen, if you can identify with the “weak men” list, then maybe it’s time to make a change! Because we really need more strong men in this world.

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