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Ihejirika Henry writes seeking for possible advice on what to do.

Here’s what he wrote:

I met Linda Akhor when I got admission into the University of  Yale to study medicine and surgery. Linda was a student of law in the same university.  We became friends and were so close that we could share anything together.

Linda’s friends Laura, Shalewa and King always referred to us as twins from different mothers; that was how close we were. We were so close that if you saw me somewhere, you can be sure that you would find Linda not far away from the place.

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As one would expect, we started dating. We graduated and returned to the country to serve.

Immediately after the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC),  I returned to the east to take over my father’s business. My Father owns a big hospital in the east, and the hospital has been like a family legacy. I say legacy, because it was transferred to him to manage after the death of his father and now, it is my turn to run the business.

Linda returned to Abuja where she was raised after service and got a job at a law chamber. Three months later, we decided to get married just as we promised ourselves when back in school.

We got married; it was really an elaborate wedding, as friends and family gathered to celebrate with us. Linda moved to the east to join me. She got a job as a legal officer with a multinational organisation. For the first six months everything went on fine not until after one year and three months.

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Linda started complaining that the town was so stressful and boring saying that she wants to return to Abuja. It was quite strange to me because she had a nice job with a good pay. She had a driver to herself; she closes early and doesn’t work on weekends.  I wondered what she meant as stressful.

After so much deliberation over the matter, I decided to allow her to relocate to Abuja. She left with our baby girl. I got an apartment for her in the central area in Abuja.

For three years, I was always shuttling between Abuja and the East. Then one day, it came as a shocker to me when Linda said to me after visiting her, “I’m tired of this relationship, this was not what I wanted. Henry, if you see any lady that is interested in you, I think you should go ahead and marry her.

“For me, I think I’m done with this marriage.”

I have tried to know what I did wrong, but she is not giving any reason. I’m confused, what should I do?

Henry writes from Enugu.


Hello Henry,

Thank you for writing us your story. We don’t claim to have the perfect answer to your challenge, because this is a peculiar one; however, we advise that you probe further to find out Linda’s reason. We believe that since you’ve known Linda for so long, you should be able to understand what she is not saying from what she has said.

It is also possible that from the outset of the marriage, she started having doubts and negative feelings, which could be for reasons we don’t know.

You should try everything possible to know her reason and reconcile with her, even if you need to contact Linda’s family. But if this proves abortive, then you have to move on because her mind is made up as you cannot hold her against her will. This is because two people cannot work together except they agree.

Please inform both families before you take that decision. We advise you to also pray about it.

Best wishes.