If tattoos were the only source of inspiration as some sportspersons make it seem, then many of us would be very miserable. Fashion is not enough reason either for these sportsmen and women to deck themselves with tattoos.

Good sportsmanship comes with the added responsibility of ensuring that all fans derive maximum enjoyment for their admittance tickets and viewership. In the light of this, sportspersons must realise that some of their fans consider tattoo as a disturbing eyesore. It constitutes psychological noise to fans who detest it, especially when spotted on the playing field and other venues where stars should rather entertain everyone present.

Though one may stain one’s body with indelible colours for various reasons such as giving expression to an emotion, honouring the memory of a family member, wearing an emblem of a particular religious belief or social group, and so on, such reasons may only be founded on transient emotions or circumstances which may later result in disappointment, heartache and regret.

For instance, the other day, the four-time world footballer of the year, Lionel Messi, was caught on camera with a considerably visible tattoo of his boyhood hero, Diego Armando Maradona. In the event that Maradona goes from hero to villain, Lionel Messi would have to face the resultant pain and regret of carrying that ineffaceable portrait.

Moreover, in order to show off their tattoos nowadays, it is a common phenomenon for sportspersons to take off their jersey at every jubilation or slightest vexation, which in itself is morally questionable. Therefore, sportspersons who claim social acceptability as the basis of tattooing their bodies should realise that they stand equal or greater chance of losing their acceptability as gaining it.

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In sensitive climes like ours, people perceive tattooed individuals as social outcasts, contrary to the acceptability that is aimed for in tattooing. It is therefore important to weigh the pros and cons of this sensational issue to have a holistic appreciation of how it is perceived by most cultures. It might also be wise to look at the trauma dimension it before going on to get a tattoo because the process is extremely painful.


Photo credit: Enrique de la Fuente/ActionPlus/Corbis