In nine days, 2014 will safely be tucked away in history and its usefulness will only be limited to the blessings and lessons we got from it.

2015 is practically an “unformed” experience as our reality in the new year will largely be based on the result of our decisions and actions of the past and those we will make along the way as the year unfolds.

2015 can be your greatest year ever. It can be that year when you broke every record you have ever recorded in your life. But all these desirable aspirations are limited to the quality of your decisions and actions.

Our actions stem from our decisions (and indecisions) and decisions in turn are fueled by vision (or a lack of it).

Yes, it is possible to be fueled by a lack of vision as there is an ample supply of distractions and illusions that lead men and women in an endless pursuit of eventual frustration.

For 2015 to deliver your desired future, your vision has to be clear and compelling.

Visions can be birthed by forecasting the future using lessons from your past and opportunities in your present. Great visions are however birthed by catching a glimpse of your future in a way that it determines what you must do today.

Two things that can help you are evaluation and revelation.

Evaluation requires taking personal responsibility for your future using the lessons of your past while revelation involves getting a picture of your future leveraging God’s Vision from His opportune position.

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To evaluate, think!

To get revelation, pray (fasting also helps) and ask God to show you His picture for your future.

This is one of my greatest secrets for progress.

2015 exists in the “past” for God. As this week begins, engage His Ability as you plan for 2015. He is always willing to speak to you!

Jimi Tewe is a career success analyst who is keen to help young people reach their maximum potential and to be aces in their career pursuits. Visit his website: or connect with him on Twitter: @JimiTewe