Now let’s be realistic, we all face embarrassments of one sort or the other; from strangers, in transit, from traffic officials, para-military, spouses, colleagues, friends, neighbours, bosses, etc. But, how to handle it is what I will share in the story that follows.

In December 2015, the world was shocked by the great mistake that was made at the last Miss Universe competition. The mistake was that a wrong winner, Miss Colombia,  was crowned instead of Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

Miss Columbia, Ariadna Gutierrez Arovelo, celebrated her victory for a little more than two minutes  before the mistake was realised that Miss Philippines, Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was the REAL winner, as the MC (Master of Ceremony), the popular Mr Harvey, revealed that Miss Columbia was actually the first runner-up.

Harvey apologised to the audience and said he had read the results wrongly, holding the card up to the audience. What a mistake! So Miss Columbia won the crown for two minutes before another person took the crown. Wow! Miss Columbia is now popularly called, “The 2-Minute Queen.” Oops! How does it feel, being announced as winner and under two minutes the crown was removed for another? If you were Miss Columbia who was erroneously announced earlier, how will you feel? We face different forms of embarrassment all the time.

How to handle it

  1. Know that it’s not a special thing or a new thing to be embarrassed – people experience it everyday.
  2. Identify the cause of the embarrassment: At times, it is just because you are in the wrong place or you probably said what you ought not to say, which warranted the embarrassment. Sometimes one didn’t pay attention to an information or some instructions which eventually landed one being embarrassed. What you saw as embarrassment may not be meant by the other person to embarrass you.
  3. Snap out of it: Adjust swiftly as if nothing has happened so that it doesn’t get to you or possibly destabilise or demobilise you. If you need someone else’s assistance in certain situations, go ahead and ask;  some people are always ready to come in at helpless situations. Know that you are not helpless, somebody out there is ready to assist. Get over it, learn your lessons and avoid it subsequently.
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