How do you move on when you are stuck?

Imagine a son – young, adventurous and impatiently craving to get away from home.

He sets out but hits a brick wall and suddenly realises he has wasted his time, efforts and resources. In fact, he is stuck.

You probably know the widely told story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32).

The story conveys many lessons, one of them, that God is a Loving Father, always forgiving without fault-finding. You probably know this too.

It teaches another lesson – what you should do when you are stuck in life.

How do you move on in spite of your failures, setbacks and misfortunes?

How to move on

Come to your senses

Like our protagonist, come to your senses. You can’t survive on swine feed. You can’t and you should tell yourself that. Refuse comfort in the situation.

You can’t live a life devoid of challenges but some challenges or hardships are self-inflicted and uncalled for.

Get to the Roots – why you are stuck

Results are consequences of actions, good or bad. Something you did or failed to do in the past could be the reason you are stuck. You get to the root by asking the right questions.

Pray to God to open your eyes. Ask him questions, let him show why you are where you currently are and the way out.

Examine yourself.

Find out why you are stuck.


When he got to the roots, he decided to retrace his steps. How? He would go to his father and apologise. He could have thought: what will my father say? What will become of me? He defied a likely mockery and condemnation from his father to get out of his mess.

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He executed. It’s not enough for you to come to your senses or discover why you are stuck, it’s not even enough to make decisions. Some people have great goals that could earn them awards for goal-setting but they never act on them. Guess what? Until you act, nothing changes. If the son had not gone back to his father, he wouldn’t have gotten out of his mess. He wouldn’t have received more.

So are you stuck? Find out why, decide what to do, go ahead and do it now.

Please read the story in Luke 15: 11-31.

Author – Patrick Abadom

Patrick is an editor at The Ready Writers, a professional Writing and Editing, Content Development and Research firm.