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Recent advancements in technology have helped to translate science fiction from futuristic imagination to present reality. In the 16th century for instance, it was practically impossible for an object to fly in the air. But today we have aircraft of various types. Electromagnetic systems have made it possible to have a speed train that can move faster than an airplane. These so called fictions of the past century are our own present reality. Automobile lovers have not stopped there. They have advanced to asking what the transforming power of an electric car will mean for the road trip of the future.

Car lovers have gone beyond the experience of driving to seeking for auto efficiency – efficiency that seeks reduction in carbon emissions and having car engines driven by a complete electrical system. Automobile companies have started to test the waters to know what the experience will look like.  Unlike regular hybrids which can’t run on electricity alone, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs), at city speeds can travel 20-all-electric miles – with zero emissions.

With such speed, a driver can cover more kilometres faster without using a gas engine. What a fantastic experience this will be for automobile lovers and the future of auto experience. What this means is that cars will move faster and time spent on the road will be reduced.

A test drive of the Toyota Prius showed that the Prius engine starts up at about 35miles per hour. One can cover 600 miles with eight gallons of gas which translates to about 75 miles per gallon – roughly three times the average. This is a simple reason why plug-ins are a stepping stone to a future of electric cars. Organisations are investing huge amounts in the future development of electric cars. Google is one of the organisations that have made a visible commitment to such investment. Even the developing countries are investing in the development of electric cars.

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Electric cars were inspired by General Motors’ electric prototype in 1990. As you drive the electric car, at every point, it shows you the amount of electricity remaining in it. Whenever you climb up a hill, the number declines. The faster you go, the faster the electricity drops. But when pedal is released, the engine reverses the spins, converts kinetic energy into electrical energy and feeds it into the battery.

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Although, this technology has been made available, it is still being perfected and will soon become commercial again as it once was. This is certainly going to be a whole new experience for auto lovers.