Everything you do leaves an impression about you. The way you speak, act and socialise goes a long way to leave an impression about your personality. Lifestyle and personality are of outmost importance to men.

However, men sometimes miss it when it comes to their cars. The type of car you ride speaks volumes about your personality. While there is no getting away from the fact that some men buy cars for durability, affordability amongst other reasons, most men still buy cars for the purpose of flaunting it as a status symbol. Sometimes they do it consciously just like when they buy a Porsche car which is flashy. It is meant to gain attention and for some men it makes them seem younger and appear trendy.

Dr. Charles Kenny, a consumer psychologist who studies cars, is of the opinion that: “Car says a lot about a person. It’s a reflection of who you are.” In view of this information, men’s purchasing pattern needs to change when shopping for new car.

Here are some of the things your car says about your personality:

1. Defines your status

It is easy to identify men of high social cadre through their cars. The cars they ride often falls in the luxury class. Since they make a lot of money, they want to enjoy it and one way of expressing it is to own a luxury car. For men who belong to the middle class, they often drive mid-size cars and usually have young children. Men in the high class are established business men, employees with high earning powers, amongst others. So if you find yourself in this class and you are not using the car that suits you, you may want to have a rethink.

2. Points out your intelligence

People sometimes shy away from sophisticated cars because they are not willing to put their intelligence to work. You can’t drive a sophisticated car with voluminous manual and not be an intelligent consumer. For instance, if you own a car with multiple features, it will task your intelligence, because it will make you read and understand the manual. And when your car has features that are environment friendly, it speaks of how conscious you are about your environment.

3. Reflects your emotional need

For some men, the specific brand of vehicles they buy is to fulfil their emotional need. People are sometimes emotionally committed to a brand for one reason or the other. When you get to their garage, you see different models of the same automobile brand. It becomes obvious that their rationale for buying such brand is simply because of the emotional attachment they have with the brand.

4. Speaks of your need for control

Some cars point out the need for control and power. They can move on roads when ordinarily, the conventional cars will not. They are designed to ride in rugged territories. And when they move on the road, they signify power. These set of cars are often used by engineers for engineering construction. They are also used by security agents as escorts when driving on the high way. Examples of such cars are pickup trucks.

5. Defines your gender sensitivity

There are cars that have been tagged to be made for women. So, it becomes a faux pas when men are seen using such cars. With such cars even without seeing the owner, you immediately know it belongs to a lady. Ladies like cars that can give them a sense of freedom.

What a car means to people may change over time. But you need to be conscious of the current reality so that you will not appear socially awkward.