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We live in a society that teaches us to be law-abiding. Have you ever seen someone who thinks or acts as if he or she is above the law? Our first instinct is to call them lawless.

But laws should be for guidance and proper conduct, not for limiting people.

People exhibit traits that just seem to rationalise their actions and what they do. In some cases, the rules we live by are so numerous that they are sometimes confusing. Something I know for sure is that those that move ahead in life are those who are ready to break the rules, the barriers, and the strongholds. These people are able to redefine the rules, expand the discussion, and widen the horizons.

It takes being crazy and occasional madness to break the rules. In this case, Albert Einstein comes to mind. He broke all known rules of Physics set by Newton, which was the standard in his time to postulate what is known as the” Theory of Relativity” as against the five-dimensional time-space science known to Newtonians.

Market your books

Another person who broke the rules was Steve Jobs, the former Vice Chairman of Apple. He broke all the rules set by Microsoft and other software manufacturers, to launch his own, Mackintosh software. Today, the product has successfully revolutionised the market that Apple has set the new standards. Good to break the rules!

Whenever your opponents set the rules, just know that you are under no obligation(s) to obey it. Break the rules, the barriers, the laws, the regulations all without apologies too. After breaking the rules, set your own. Don’t just set the standards, be the standard!

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