It is sad that many people have become so dependent on the internet. It is that serious that the thought of whether they should get off the internet or not never really crosses their mind. 

Now, this addiction is relatively understandable, given several circumstances. For starters, the internet provides a platform for sharing information and knowledge at alarming rates and at incredible speeds. This easy access to information makes for greater ability to accomplish multiple tasks. Alongside that, we can also connect with people, known and unknown, in mere moments. 

However, the problem now is that, like many other good things, the internet gets abused. Today, there is an ocean of negativity on the web that has the potential to affect your mental health. As such, you need to take a break more often. Outside of getting an escape from the negatives, here are a few more reasons you should get off the internet occasionally. 

  1. You’ll be able to create deeper connections with people

Much of our generation is heavily dependent on social media to make connections with people. But social media was created to complement our networking efforts, not bear the brunt of all of it. By taking a break from the internet, you’ll be able to talk to people more genuinely. It might be difficult at first, but you’ll learn eventually; and when you do, you’ll find out that you can connect with people on a much deeper level. 

  1. Increased self-awareness 

One of the disadvantages of the internet is that there is a lot of noise. Everybody is so busy airing their opinion, saying this and that. As such, there is a lot of clutter that can sometimes make it hard to think. The problem with this is that it reduces the amount of knowledge you can have of yourself. You could get so confused that you start using the internet to hide from certain emotions or thoughts. But, when you take a break, you can find out those emotions and deal with them. You can confront those thoughts and come out on top.

  1. Increased productivity

Now, this option isn’t set in stone for everyone. If your line of work is heavily reliant on being on the internet, going off it would definitely not do much for you. However, for most other people, the internet is a distraction. It is like a child constantly tugging at your trousers while you’re working. Getting off the web can make you more productive if you do it right because you’d be eliminating a distraction.

  1. Better sleep

This part pretty much explains itself. When you take a break from the internet, there are very few things that are competing for your attention past midnight. As such, you’ll be able to get more hours of sleep. Besides, a reduction of all that blue light from your screen is definitely good for you.


The internet is a great place to be but a terrible addiction to have. Use it for as many purposes as it can serve. However, don’t forget to unplug every now and then.