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Upscale bars are designed for relaxation and interaction of various types –  people there for different reasons. A good number of men hang out at upscale bars after a hard day’s work. Some men go for business meetings, some for networking while others go for one social reason or the other. However, many people see bars as “corrupt centres”. They believe a bar is an unholy place where those consider themselves “spiritual” should not be found. May I disagree with that assumption? My goal in this article is to debunk the myth about bars and to encourage men to visit upscale bars.

A bar is a counter where one can obtain food and drink. Such an environment presents a relaxed atmosphere, usually with slow music sandwiched at the background to promote the relaxation of the mind. In an upscale bar, you will meet people of different classes and backgrounds hanging around for various reasons. This is why such atmosphere is a place to be for various reasons. We won’t deny the fact that there are corrupt spots masquerading as upscale bars, but which in the real sense are just motels and brothels that promote all sorts of immoral activities. Despite that, it doesn’t mean all bars do the same thing. There are decent upscale bars where responsible and well behaved men hang out.

How do you identify good upscale bar? The seats are cushioned and positioned in the reception and arranged in sections to promote privacy. The seats are designed in a way to make you feel relaxed. Such bars promote privacy and you don’t see people loafing around. The seats are set for two or three persons with a small centre stool for putting food and drinks. People go to upscale bars based on recommendations. It could be that they sell the best chicken and chips; it could be that they are known for having chilled drinks, or known for other activities that happen around an upscale bar.

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Against the views of many, I’d like to highlight a few reasons upscale bars are still relevant as centres for men to hang out:

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1. Relaxation

An upscale bar is a place to hang out after the day’s job. It’s a place that most young men fix as a meeting point to discuss and share the events that made their day worthwhile. The aim is to ease the stress of various types, while relaxing in an atmosphere where drinks and food are sold. Some upscale bars sometime have comedy sections where you can listen to jokes that will make you laugh and feel lighter. At the end when you are about to leave such environment, you are lighter and relaxed before heading home.


2. Social meetings

People use upscale bars for social meetings. It is a place where you can meet people and interact with them. Groups could book appointments in an upscale bar to discuss issues. An upscale bar is a place for social meetings. In fact, we have men who met their wives at upscale bars and have been happily married ever since.


3. Business meetings

A good number of business men use upscale bars for their business meetings because they believe business should be discussed in a relaxed atmosphere. While discussing business, it is good to have a little informal interaction with a sense of relaxation. This enhances the discussion and takes business to the next level. By hanging out at upscale bars, business people can break the barriers formality and discuss business in an informal environment.

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4. Networking

As I said earlier, you find people of different classes in an upscale bar. You will find business owners, decision makers of companies and other people who hold important positions in their organisations. This is the reason some marketers hang out at upscale bars. They use it as a place to network, meet people and exchange contacts for further business discussion in the future.

Upscale bars are not “unholy” centres as people may believe; instead, they cater to our needs for relaxation, networking and other social activities that promote interaction. If you are bored, you can visit one today.