“Mens sana in corpore sano.”

As you probably guessed already, the words above are in Latin. They can be roughly interpreted to mean that the body and the mind work together. This, among many other reasons, goes to show why you need to include meditation in your daily workout routine.

It’s understandable if you don’t want to. Not a lot of people wish to sit around “hmming” for several minutes to no end. At least, that’s what Hollywood makes it seem like. However, perhaps you’ll change your mind when we show you a few benefits of the process.

Why should you include meditation in your daily workout routine?

There are several benefits that come with making efforts to keep your mind, like your body, in shape. The list of goodies in meditation extends from heightened concentration to better focus and everything else in between. Combined with exercising, here are three things you stand to gain from meditation:

  1. It Improves Stamina 

Have you noticed how time moves faster when you’re having fun, but it becomes unbearably slow when you’re doing something you don’t enjoy? The truth behind that is that it’s all in your mind. Time doesn’t slow down or speed up to torture you. Your mind just does what it wants. Through meditation, you can bend your mind to your will. By focusing on something other than your aching muscles, you’ll be able to last longer at your workout and eventually get that great body.

  1. It helps to build muscles

Naturally, exercise provides a great way to increase the size of your muscles. By putting them under the stress of a good workout routine, they’re forced to adapt to the new needs and get bigger so you can use them better.

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Meditation helps you to make this process more effective. How? Well, we’ve already established that it can help generate more stamina. So, with the ability to last longer during workouts, you can do more to challenge your muscles.

However, alongside that, meditation, according to a study, also helps to stimulate the production of more growth hormones, which are essential for muscle building.

  1. It improves prostate health 

The prostate gland is a delicate part of the male anatomy, not to be taken lightly. For it to remain healthy, you need to combine physical exercise and meditation. Now, you might be wondering how meditation affects your prostate.

For starters, by its very nature, meditation helps to reduce stress levels. This is beneficial to you because stress and anxiety are known to worsen symptoms for men who already have BPH. For men who don’t suffer from the condition, too much stress can cause a reduction in the production of zinc in the body. This itself could lead to an enlargement of the prostate gland.

By combining meditation with exercise, you can avoid all these and usher yourself into a life of better prostate health.


Your mind, like your body, needs to be taken care of properly. Denying yourself this care will be detrimental to your mental health. If, however, you introduce meditation to your workout routine, you can reap all the benefits listed here.