Looking at life in general, it is obvious that it is always in constant motion. Things keep happening and moving at a very fast pace. The question now is ‘Are you moving along with the trend or are you being left behind?’

An honest answer to this seemingly simple question will go a long way in helping you weigh yourself in the balance.

One of the main reasons life seems to be leaving many people behind is because they keep doing the same thing year in, year out and expect a different result. As mundane as this may seem to many, this is a reason why your life may not be progressing as you want.

Come to think of it, making a decision is different from acting on the decision and seeing this can yield great results. A lot of people make New Year resolutions at the turn of the year, but those who see a significant progress in their lives are those who take actions on the things they purposed to do.

Another reason your life may look stagnated is because you have goals that are vague. By this, what do I mean? I mean having goals and visions that are not specific or time bound. For example, one’s goal may be to make a lot of money but that in itself is not a goal. Because if the amount of money to be made is not specified in actual figures, how on earth can one track the progress made or be spurred to do more in order to reach a desired goal. So instead of saying, ‘I want to make a lot of money this year’, it’s advisable to say, ‘By the end of this year I’d have a specific amount in my account.’

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Dear friend, the year is still young. As the days go by I encourage that you make the needed adjustments by taking your life on a new journey – find better and excellent ways of doing things and follow them diligently. I also urge you to have specific goals. Keep reviewing the goals and checking your progress as time goes on. You would be amazed at how your life would turn out.